We have put into place new measures to make sure we are complying with government guidelines and keeping audiences safe. A Risk Assessment has been compiled which can be emailed to any venue when requested.




The Government advises the larger the hall the better and to keep windows open to let as much fresh air in and out. Remember the Government has restrictions for the number of people that can attend which is regularly updated so please check the guidelines when compiling a list of party guests. To create a lower risk you could also advise parents to drop off children rather than linger at the venue. Parents/Guardians contact details should be taken before at the party commences. Hand sanitiser will be available at the entrance to the party venue.



To set up the show, Richard will need to be at the opposite end safely away from where guests enter the venue. He will also keep his performance area 3 meters or more away from the audience. He will need enough time to be able to complete his set up before any guests arrive. A barrier will be in place that the children will not be allowed to cross. Richard will lay down on the ground socially distanced coloured rubber spot circles which the children will sit on to enjoy the show. These will be sanitised between each performance and will not be used again for a minimum of 72 hours. If you decide to include your own room decorations, these should be raised off the floor to discourage multiple children touching the items.



The Show has had to be reduced in length but absolutely not in content and amazing bubble wonderment. The only difference is the audience participation of the show has had to be omitted. In its place are still lots of bubble fun and laughter galore. Richard will use all of his entertainment skills to engage all the children to get the maximum response to all of his bubble creations.




As a further safety measure, all children will be encouraged to wash their hands before consuming their party food. It would be advisable to have any party food organised for after the show so the children will be hungry and thirsty after the excitement of the show. A party food box and drink for each child is a great idea and usually reduces uneaten food and less to tidy up afterwards. Cupcakes might be option for the children to take home instead of a slice of the birthday cake. 

All the latest advice from the Government is on the following link here:

Of course, all this information is subject to change with any further updates to social distancing or other requirements implemented.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


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